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AMR to MP3 Converter - turn AMR recordings to MP3 audio files

AMR to MP3 Converter

This AMR to MP3 Converter is designed to provide fastest AMR to MP3 conversion with the simpliest interface ever; it takes just one click to convert any amount of AMR files, folders, disks, CDs, DVDs, memory cards containing AMR recordings. This fully automatic AMR to MP3 utility would be perfect choice for those users who value simplicity and need some click'n'get program with really fast conversion speed.

What is AMR format?

AMR is also known as adaptive multi-rate format commonly used for recording speech rather than for music. Most digital voice recorders utilizes AMR as an output format. AMR is well-optimized for recording voice/speech, it provides good compression-to-quality ratio. Also AMR is used in some mobile phones as a format for ringtones. While AMR is good for recording MP3 is a way more popular format so converting AMR to MP3 may be good for your recordings to make them compatible with literally any digital audio device.

Encode AMR recordings to MP3

It's very easy to turn AMR to MP3 files with our AMR converter. Note that the quality of your original AMR recordings may not be really high so there is no reason to pick higher MP3 settings for conversion. If you're not sure - please use default quality settings of AMR to MP3 Converter which provides fine quality and moderate file size. With One-click AMR to MP3 Converter you can encode any quantity of AMR files, convert them all with just a click!

One-click interface - turn AMR to MP3 easier!

1click AMR to MP3 Converter featuring unique 'one-click' interface which dramatically decreases number of clicks and actions required for conversion. Unlike other AMR converters One-click AMR to MP3 has no run icon at all; instead it adds 'convert AMR to MP3' option directly to right-click context menu. So all you need to do is right-click AMR recordings anywhere on your computer, CD, DVD or memory card. And yes, you don't need to launch any program to do that! Just pick 'AMR to MP3' on the pop-up menu and that's it! For more convenience we've added batch AMR to MP3 conversion; click on AMR files, folders and even entire discs and One-click AMR converter will find all AMR recording available in the selected locations.

Faster AMR to MP3 conversion

Our new conversion engine used in AMR to MP3 converter provides even faster encoding for modern PCs. Multi-thread technology utilizes power of your computer's multicore processor to convert several AMR files to MP3 simultaneously. This dramatically reduces time required for AMR to MP3 conversion, especially for large batches of AMR files. Together with streamlined one-click interface this feature makes overall conversion time significantly reduced and you won't stack in program's complicated options and setting.Instead you get your AMR files quickly converted to MP3 directly from Windows Explorer/My computer.

How to tune MP3 quality

One-click AMR to MP3 Converter offers easy quality presets that allow you to proceed with AMR to MP3 conversion not even touching any settings and options. Choose "low quality" if your original AMR recording isn't something of high quality. Choose other two options for higher quality. By default AMR to MP3 converter uses "normal" quality set which is well-balanced between MP3 file size and quality. Alternatively you can select 'custom' quality set and choose actual output bit rate for your AMR to MP3 conversion.

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